I am a young professional pursuing my expertise in content creation, leadership, and storytelling. I am available for full-time work in video editing, team leadership, content creation and anything in between.

I have several years experience in film and video, including work on feature films, live television, short form video for lifestyle brands, and my own projects, including Sidetrack, an LGBTQ webseries. At heart, I'm a leader who enjoys motivating and organizing teams around common goals. In any role, I'm a team player with an attention to detail, but a commitment to a broader vision with the experience, determination, and smarts to get there. From 2017 - 2019 I was a key member of a small but mighty customer experience team with Casper Sleep, where I flexed my leadership, people, organizational and storytelling skills in a managerial role. In the last few months, I’ve been building a CX department from scratch with Girlgaze, readying them to launch their proprietary product and be set up for success in providing human-first, empathetic and efficient customer experiences.

I am looking to join an established, tight knit team working towards creative and disruptive work that benefits its audience in terms of health and wellness, beauty, self care or social justice.

You can reach me at